DVD and Case

DVD and Case

“The DVD cover had been chosen with great empathy to the content of the film”

DVD and Case

Our DVD and Case that we supply for your transferred Cine film, Slides or VHS is personalised. We do not use a one fits all policy, we will take either frames from your films or use some of your slides.You can even nominate the slides you would like on the disk and cover, making your new DVD and Case a treasured gift for all the family.

We do receive many letters from our customers:-

“Absolutely delighted with everything. You choose the right photo for the cover, and at times the music reduced me to tears”

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On the technical side, many people ask “How many films fit on a DVD” The simplest answer is 20 of the small 3″ cine reels, about 300 slides and about 1½ hours of tapes. We could squeeze more on each DVD but quality does deteriorate.

Each DVD would be placed in a full sized case, a case insert with your pictures and a picture printed onto the DVD it’s self, as shown above. The cost is just £10 for a single and if your transfers have to go onto 2 DVD’s we put them in a double case and that is £15.

Here are some examples:-

if you have 5 small cine reels, these would go on 1 DVD,
the cost is as follows 5 X £5 = £25 + a single case with one DVD £10, total £35.00 + P&P

if you have 30 small cine reels, these would have to go on 2 DVD’s,
the cost is as follows 30 X £5 = £150.00 + a double case with two DVD’s £15, total £165.00 + P&P

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