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  • You Only Pay For Used Footage
  • We don’t ask for payment with your order (no other company does this)
  • We send you an invoice, all your original material and your new DVD. If you only have One 3″ Fifty Foot Reel or Thousands of Feet on Larger Reels,
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Do you remember when you all sat around in the living room, while Dad struggled to erect the projector screen, and the way it would always turn slightly to the left no matter which position the tripod legs were in. Then came the threading of the film, a degree in electro-mechanical engineering was required. At last all was ready, the lights were turned off, the white light flickered on the screen, the first image appeared, out of focus but a quick fiddle with the lens and there is Granny in all her glory in 1963. Wonderful, then just as Granny is about to pick up her new Grandson the screen turns white, there is a clicking noise from the projector and Dad speaks in some foreign tongue. Have you still got your old cine films let us transfer them to DVD.  We have the technology!  Cine to DVD

If your cherished memories are  simply fading away and deteriorated through age. We have the Professional Skill and Technology to transfer your cine  to DVD and enhance the image. 

After scanning your Cine film frame by frame we enhance & manipulate using specialist computer software to transfer your cine film to DVD.

 Just £5.00 per 3″ Reel Or 50 feet of Silent Film Standard 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm 

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On the Menu Go To  Download Order, to download an order form to print out or click Here