Slides to DVD

Slides to DVD Photos and Negatives to DVD

We manually clean your slides then scan each one at 1200 (you can have bigger) resolution using professional scanners.
Each Slide is then individually adjusted; for the correct colour, removal of spots and blemishes.
We do not use automated technology to clean up the slides, as this can sometimes blur the image. Instead we use sophisticated software, for superior results. With brightness & contrast, shadow & highlights and many more adjustments you can expect amazing results. We then transfer your slides onto a DVD and via a user friendly menu each of your slides will play seamlessly and if you require, music can be added to enhance viewing your little bits of history. 
We do not in any way damage your original material

Price 25p each
Here’s what you get: All Slides, Photograph or Negative Scanned at 1200 resolution, (you can have any size up to  6400dpi) Spots, Blemishes, Fingerprints removed. Colour, Brightness/Contrast correction, and trimmed if required. Giving you a beautiful restored picture of your treasured memory
Once we have enhanced your slides, you can ether have a DVD to play on your TV or a CD with each slide as a jpeg. You could have both just tick the boxes on the order form.

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