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If for some reason we feel that the Cine film is even beyond our technical ability to transfer or repair, we will contact you and tell you what is achievable.  Some times the film has deteriorated so much that what ever process is used it might not be feasible to enhance the quality!

The sound track on cine films can also be badly distorted, we do try to clean the sound up, but again this does depend on the initial recording and the condition of the magnetic strip on the film.
Below gives you an idea what to look for on your films to see if there is a sound strip
it is copper coloured and very thin
Film with Sound


If you want to safely store your transferred films, a Hard Drive or a USB Stick are your best options. 

We always keep a backup for six months, of all DVD’s we produce so you can request extra copies for family and friends later.

Our Address to send your material is:-
Dreamcatcher, 256 The Broadway, Minster-on-Sea,

Kent, ME12 2DE

Don’t forget to Post them by the Recorded or the Signed for Service

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