Products & Services

We can also transfer:-

  • Reel to Reel audio tapes,
  • Audio cassettes,
  • Vinyl Records (LP’s) to CD.

We can enhance the sound quality, taking out all those ‘clicks and pops’ you hear on your LP’s and taking the hiss from tapes. If you have audio material that you can’t play, we can listen for you and then contact you to see if you wish to progress with a transfer..
We don’t charge for this listening service, all it costs is the postage to us, however, if you want your material returned a small charge of £5 for return postage would be applicable, (sent with your order). Please call Ron on 01795 877788 for more information.

The cost does vary as tapes are all different sizes but on an average we charge £18  for a transfer of a LP and  £10 per hour for tapes both include the CD in a Jewel Box

Plus P&P.