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These recent letters and E-mails are just a few from our Customers.
“I wish to thank everyone who took the time to ether write, send thank you cards or email”…Ron

Ltr Sandra


On 11 Apr 2013, at 15:19, RJL wrote:
Hi Amanda Thank You for those kind words.  Kind Regards Ron
PS; Would I be able to use your email on our web site? (Without any personal details of cause).
Of course you can use my email on your website!  My moment of fame – quoted at last! Amanda

From: Amanda
Sent: 11 April 2013 10:20 To: cine@dreamcatchermovies.co.uk
Subject: DreamcatcherMovies.co.uk
 To: Dreamcatcher From:Amanda
Hi there – I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the simply amazing job you did in converting my parents cine film to DVD. We have all watched the DVD’s and they have brought many smiles, a few tears and such joy to all. My children have loved seeing me as a child! My parents are absolutely thrilled and the little extras like having stills on the cover of the DVD and music make them even more special – thank you! Parents would like to have some video film put onto DVD – do you do this? These are the small video films – the ones from a handheld video camera??? Look forward to hearing from you – but a huge thank you again. Amanda 

barb ltr

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From Linda
To Cine@dreamcatchermovies.co.uk
Subject Touched by Dreamcatcher
Hi Mr and Mrs Le Count,
Just wanted to say how very pleasant and very professional and how very good you are at what you do. Received my DVD today have already watched it, can’t wait for my family who don’t know they are about to received a copy as to how they will react. I will dig out our videos now.Many Thanks Again Linda

From: nick Brown
Sent: 06 September 2012 13:45
Subject: Re: Transfer
The discs arrived today and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the excellent work you have done, you have brought memories back to life for me and for the younger members of the family allowed them to see there Great Grandparents having fun.
Can I please order a further copy of the DVD if you can tell me what additional charge I need to add to the payment, I already have other family members digging out films and I will recommend you to anyone who will listen.
Many thanks
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Email 22nd June

Just wanted to thank you both for the lovely conversion of our cine film to DVD.
You put it all together so well and love the background music you chose. We are really
pleased with the results and so are our daughters with their copies.
We had a lovely evening watching it together and the memories brought both tears and laughter.
Hoping to sort out some more tapes for conversion soon!
Thanks again

Email 2nd June

Dear Ron

Thank you so much for my DVDs etc which arrived today – I am so pleased with them and it was a lovely surprise to see the photos on the DVD and case.

I have made a bacs payment to you to settle the invoice.

I wil recommend you to anyone I know that has slides they would like put onto disc.

All the best,


Email 22nd May
Hello Ron
Just to let you know that my slides and dvd have arrived, I would like to thank you so much i’m over the moon watching it made me smile and cry,
what a good job you have done BIG THANK YOU.
Your cheque is in the post.
Thank you

I received the cine films back yesterday and the DVD.
It’s really great…. Thank you so much.
I love the photos you have chosen for the cover and disc…. the fact that you have managed to get an example of all of us.
In case you are wondering …. I am the youngest daughter….. the chubby one!!
I have more cine films that I need to look at to edit. I will be sending you some more once I have done that.
I will send the cheque off this evening.
Thanks so much once again.

Note:- Received by email 25 April 2012, My wife Ros is the one that takes the photos from the films, she does seem to have the talent to pick the right pictures. Ron

Dear Ron

The latest DVD, for my husband this time, is wonderful. I am taking it on holiday to give him in April and he will be amazed.
Thank you too for using Tom Hicks’s music, he will love that too.
I really do appreciate your doing all this for me, thank you so much.
Many thanks again
Kindest regards


 Hello Ron

I received the DVD today, Wow it is amazing!!!
I am really pleased with the out come of the quality of the film after all these years the music works really well and the photo’s are a welcome bonus
I have shed a few tears already! Thank you so much, your service is A1
I will forward payment to you tomorrow and will definitely use your service for
additional video conversion. Yours sincerely Carole

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