Where do I send my Cine/Slides/VHS

Our Address to send your materiel is,:-
Dreamcatcher, 58 Lynmouth Drive, Minster-on-Sea,
Kent, ME12 2HT.

Don’t forget to Post them by the Recorded or the Signed for Service
When we receive them I will contact you to let you know they have arrived safely.

How many small cine reels fit on to a DVD

About 20 of the 3″ reels, each one is about 3 to 4 minutes long. or about 300 slides, I could squeeze more on, but with the Menu and Titles I put on the DVD it keeps the quality high,

How many Slides/Photos can go onto a DVD

There is actually two answers:-

  1. If you have your slides/photos on a DVD that plays on your TV or PC then you can get about 300.
  2. If you want your slides on a Data DVD/CD then the number jumps to 1000.

Can you scan more than 1200dpi

Yes you can have your slides photos or negatives scanned up to 6400 dpi. However, just because you have them scanned at this high level does not mean you will get any more definition, what you will get is a much bigger picture but with the same quality 1200 dpi.

As an example, a 4 x 6 photo  scanned at 1200 dpi you would be able to print this out onto an A4 size sheet and it would be top quality, but only printed at 600 dpi as this is the maximum of most printers. If you would like to know more about dpi and scanning go to this web site it has al you need to know.http://www.scantips.com/

Can I edit my films at home?

We can supply your transferred films on a MiniDV tape or Data DVD’s.
If you want to safely store your transferred films, this is your best option. You will need a Camcorder and a Firewire connection to your PC for editing.


Can you transfer film with sound?

Yes. There is a £2.50 (per fifty foot of film) extra charge for sound

What is Frame by Frame Scanning?

We use a special unit to guide the film passed a cool LED light source, then digital images are  taken of each frame of your film. This is frame-by-frame scanning. As there is no screen involved a clear, sharp scan of each frame is achieved. The images are then built up to form a movie.

What do you do to each Slide/Photograph/Negative

Each slide, Photograph or Negative Scanned at 1200 resolution, all Spots, Blemishes, Fingerprints removed. Colour corrected, Brightness/Contrast correction, and Trimmed if required.
Giving you a beautiful restored picture of your treasured memory.

Can you copy negatives or slides to DVD?

Yes. We can work with any type of photographic materials such as digital photographs, photographic prints, negatives or slides. We can also use other types of paper media, newspaper articles, and brochures. Just tell us what you required and we will be able to advise you!


Do I need a computer to watch the DVD?

No. The DVD that we produce works with a top box DVD player (or a PC or Mac computer equipped with a DVD-ROM drive and DVD viewing software). All you need to do is insert the DVD into the DVD player and press play to watch on the TV. Most players will play back our DVD.

Can I order additional copies of my disc?

Yes. You can order additional copies of the DVD. We keep copies of your disc’s for ever

How do you restore my photographs?

We use digital techniques, software and equipment. We scan in your photos at a high resolution and enlarge the digitized file so that we can alter down to individual pixels if necessary.

What if my DVD doesn’t play?

Contact us immediately and we will sort out the problem, there are some DVD players that will not play a specific style of DVD, but I am confident that we can help. If we can not help please send back the disk and we will run our test procedure to find the problem.


Will you return all of my photographs, music and other materials?

Yes, of cause your original source materials are posted back by recorded delivery.

Do you alter my original material?

No. We will scan in the Slide, photo or run the film to make a digital copy and make all changes to this Digital Copy. At no time will the original be altered.

Do you offer any guarantees? 

Yes  If  you are not completely satisfied with your DVD  please contact us, and we will rectify the problem. If for some valid reason you are not completely happy we will endeavour to correct your concern, and if you are still not satisfied send us back all Prints, DVD’s  case’s and CD’s within seven days and we will refund your money (if you have paid) less delivery costs. Once we have received all of our material we will cancel the invoice.