For Just £5.00 Per Tape + DVD

VHS to DVD, Do you know that your treasured family VHS Tapes are deteriorating just sitting on the shelf; if you play them it shortens the life of the tape!   (and not many people own a VCR these days). By transferring your VHS to DVD you will have a DVD, with Scene Selection and chapter points, your treasured memories safe for future generations. Most of us bought the big heavy cameras and took hours of the children growing up, and now you probably don’t have a player, so all those wonderful shots of; Your wedding, baby’s first steps, the first holiday, and Mum & Dad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary can not be relived.
Have your VHS transferred to DVD, before its to late.

VHSApart from the large VHS tapes we also transfer the 8mm video tapes. There are the original Video8 format and its improved successor Hi8 (both analogue), as well as the digital format known as Digital8, all can be transferred to DVD. and don’t forget your new MiniDV tapes.

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